Top 10 Reasons to Visit Us

What Sets Us Apart

We are far from a stereotypical dental office. Our core values are reflected in how our patients are cared for. We encourage you to see and feel the difference for yourself!

  1. We are a health-centered practice. We encourage proactive care and celebrate healthy choices. Our goal is to help maintain your health or to assist in regaining that health. You will feel the difference.
  2. You will receive our undivided attention. We pride ourselves on being active listeners and engaging our patients as partners in their care. We take time to understand your concerns and to thoroughly answer your questions.
  3. We are a highly skilled professional team that is friendly and encouraging. We regularly attend world-class continuing education to ensure that we are providing world-class care for our patients.
  4. Our office is a state-of-the-art health care facility with a warm, welcoming touch. Your comfort is our primary concern.
  5. We focus on highly individualized care, addressing issues that are important to you, and work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Quality is the constant, time is the variable.
  6. Because your personal health and safety are a primary concern, we adhere strictly to OSHA guidelines for sterilization and infection control procedures.
  7. We understand that your time is valuable. We will always strive to honor the appointment time you have reserved with us. If an emergency situation arises, we will respond promptly and with empathetic care.
  8. We will be an ethical advocate of your interest in relations with your dental insurance company or other third-party payers. Our focus is on what’s best for you rather than your insurance plan.
  9. We realize healthy outcomes require an investment of time, energy, and finances. We will work for you and with you to make your dental care affordable, beautiful, and long-lasting to maximize the return on your investment.
  10. Patients for life. We believe that “appropriate” treatment respects and honors your individual circumstances, temperament, and objectives. We will customize your care to fit your unique situation.

These are just 10 of the many reasons we encourage you to visit us and feel the difference for yourself. Call 252-316-2214 or visit us at 111 Candlewood Road in Rocky Mount, NC. We hope to see you soon!