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Dental Lab Support in Rocky Mount

As Pankey Institute dentists, we believe that comprehensive care involves a highly trained team and place tremendous value on the expertise and artistic ability of the dental laboratories that we choose to work with. While there are endless options available, we are very selective regarding the professional dental technicians that we partner with to create restorations that are very esthetic and long-lasting. To learn more about our good friends and their remarkable abilities, please visit their websites at CMR and Oral Arts.

Matt Roberts

Matthew Roberts, the founder of CMR Dental Laboratory, is one of thirteen accredited ceramists in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

“Beautiful, long-lasting dentistry does not happen by chance. It requires careful planning, clear communication, and attention to details. We enjoy working with the Hunts to create attractive and healthy smiles.”

Phillip Gold

Phillip Gold is the owner of Oral Arts, a comprehensive dental laboratory in Atlanta, Ga. that offers superb service and exquisite results.

“All you have to do is walk in the door at Hunt & Hunt Dentistry, and you will know that you’re in the right place. Caring-Honest-Skilled and Giving, you’ll feel it right away.”

100% of our lab work is done by U.S. dental labs where our doctors have developed a close relationship with the ceramists; we never send cases to Mexico or China.

Please visit our smile gallery to see the beautiful results that can be achieved as a result of the synergy we have developed with these world-class professionals. If you have any questions about dental restorations or the leading laboratories that we partner with to enhance the health and beauty of your smile, please call us at 252-316-2214 to arrange an appointment.