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Yes, we are accepting new patients and would love to meet you. If you are looking for a dental home where your health and comfort are a priority, then we are the practice for you.

Our doctors and team believe that comprehensive, proactive care is always in the patient’s best interest. We believe that this approach will ultimately require less investment of the patient’s time and finances AND will result in an outcome that is more conservative and more stable. We believe that people place more value in things they create so it is imperative that patients partner in their care.

Please read below about how your dreams of a beautiful, healthy smile can become a reality at Hunt and Hunt Dentistry.



Hunt & Hunt Dentistry

New Patient Forms

As a new patient, we welcome you to our practice! Below are forms to be completed prior to your appointment.

Our new patient forms can be filled out easily and securely via our patient forms portal. You’ll enter your information just like a handwritten form, and submit it directly into our in-office software. Tap the Patient Portal button to begin. Please note that the forms will take several seconds to load.

Printable New Patient Forms

Would you prefer to print your forms and fill them out by hand?

Click the link below, print the forms, fill them out, and send them into our office, along with any other information you feel may be helpful in your treatment experience.

Forms can be sent via fax, sent by mail, or scanned and sent digitally. If you have questions, just leave the answer blank and we can help you when you come into the office. We thank you for your assistance and look forward to seeing you.

Please note: The new patient forms may take several moments to load. Having trouble? Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Comprehensive Examination

Most adult patients select this type of initial evaluation appointment. A Comprehensive Oral Health Exam is a unique proactive assessment scheduled with one of our doctors that usually lasts for an hour and a half. It may be scheduled along with your cleaning appointment or separately. This approach is “health-focused,” instead of “problem-focused,” looking beyond the obvious symptoms and will uncover any signs of instability that may lead to more serious problems now or in the future. This comprehensive assessment allows us to learn much more about your unique condition, and have the time to discuss possibilities for maintaining and improving it.

Your Comprehensive Oral Health Exam will begin with a conversation with the doctor. It is important for us understand your questions, interests and concerns and to learn about your overall health and past dental experiences. The doctor will then thoroughly examine all aspects of your oral health including your teeth, gums, tongue, bite, muscles and jaw joints.

Based on your input, your comprehensive oral health exam will include a combination of the following that are appropriate for your unique situation:

  • Talk with the doctor about your concerns & goals
  • Medical history review
  • Dental history review
  • Exam of teeth and existing restorations
  • Periodontal (gum) exam
  • Cosmetic dental evaluation
  • Jaw joint (TMJ) evaluation
  • Chewing muscle evaluation
  • Thorough bite analysis
  • Digital x-rays of teeth and jaws
  • Digital photos of your teeth and smile
  • Models of your teeth

After your comprehensive assessment, our team will analyze the information collected and develop a list of treatment possibilities and alternatives for you to consider. We like to think of this as your life plan so our focus will be on helping you understand the present condition of your dental health as well as learning how to preserve and improve it for a lifetime.

Based on our findings, this conversation may occur during your initial appointment or you may be invited to return for a follow-up consultation. Most importantly, you will have a better understanding of your oral health and actively participate in developing a plan that is right for you.

Once we jointly determine the best plan that is tailored just for you, all fees and investment of time will be discussed. You will be fully informed and decide the pace of your treatment. Quality is the constant, time is the variable.


Limited Examination & Preventive Cleaning (prophylaxis)

Some patients choose an initial limited evaluation and teeth cleaning. Most children and healthy young adults (under 30 years old) enter our practice this way. These appointments are designed to allow you to meet our team and address your initial desire to have your teeth gently cleaned by one of our caring and professional hygienists. Your limited evaluation and preventive cleaning will include:

  • Conversations with the hygienist & dentist about your concerns and goals
  • Medical history review
  • Dental history review
  • Periodontal (gum) exam
  • Exam of teeth and existing restorations
  • Appropriate digital x-rays of teeth and jaws
  • Individualized homecare instructions

If all areas of your dental health appear to be stable, we will prescribe an interval of preventive cleanings that is most appropriate for you. Based on our conversation, findings and your goals, some patients choose to return for a more detailed evaluation with one of our doctors to more thoroughly evaluate their oral health and plan for the future.


Emergency Examination

Dental emergencies often arise at the most inconvenient times. An injury to your teeth and gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Please call us immediately at 252-316-2214 if you have an urgent dental condition. We reserve time in our daily schedule to be available for these unfortunate situations and will do all we can to address your needs with prompt attention and empathetic care.


No-Fee Initial Consultation

When unsure of what is the best option for you, we offer a free initial consultation as an opportunity for you to meet one of our doctors, discuss your concerns, and receive our brief professional opinion before you make any further decisions about your dental care.

Your no-fee initial consultation will take place in our conference room or in a treatment room, depending on your situation. This meeting will last about 20-30 minutes. It is a great way for you to “test the waters,” see our office, and meet our team.

How can we be Most Helpful?

Regardless of which initial appointment type you choose, we are committed to honest and safe communication at all times. Our doctors are happy to answer your questions and offer their professional opinion based on 30+ years of experience.

Please call 252-316-2214 or email us today to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve patients throughout Rocky Mount, NC, and the surrounding counties.

How can we be Most Helpful?