Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry
in Rocky Mount

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
– Benjamin Franklin

We firmly believe that prevention is the best investment one can make for a lifetime of oral health. Our team is committed to helping you prevent problems before they lead to unnecessary dental treatment. We offer preventive services that help you preserve the natural beauty of your smile. Our hygienists are highly trained regarding the latest preventive techniques including gentle ultra-sonic cleanings, oral cancer screening, sealants, and fluoride therapies.

Many of our patients lead active lifestyles that include contact sports. Custom-fitted mouthguards are comfortable to wear and serve as good insurance against traumatic dental injuries. We want to help you protect your beautiful smile.

Our role as dental professionals is to educate, support and encourage you make healthy choices regarding your oral health. Call our office at 252-316-2214 to schedule your personalized exam and preventive dental visit.

During your first visit, Drs. Hunt and Gorham will counsel you on their philosophy that prevention is key. If you are taking the appropriate steps now to establish effective dental health routines, any treatment you may require in the future can be more manageable. One of these routines is regular comprehensive exams at our office. Our team will use this time to screen for oral cancer, evaluate your periodontal health, check the progress of your treatment through intra-oral cameras and x-rays, and discuss with you what they are seeing and ensure that it matches up with your own oral health goals.

The best defense against the dangers and complications of oral cancer is a preventive approach. When you come to see us for your initial oral health assessment and every visit after, we’re always on the lookout for oral cancer. Our doctors will evaluate your mouth, neck, throat, and soft tissue for any signs of early oral cancer development.

X-rays are a valuable tool that our team of dental professionals uses to not only inform ourselves about the current state of your oral health but also help educate you in your decision on the path you want to take in your treatment. Our Rocky Mount dental office is equipped with both digital x-rays, allowing you to see the x-ray on our monitors for convenience, and panoramic x-rays. Panoramic x-rays allow us to capture an entire image of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue in one use. This advanced technology provides a more in-depth analysis of your current health status and will continue to aid in the planning of any treatments or care you may require.

During each visit to our Rocky Mount dental office, our hygienists will evaluate the current state of your teeth and gums during their hygiene cleaning. Pairing their years of experience and training with some of our advanced technology like intra-oral cameras for better imaging and an ultrasonic scaler for easy plague and debris removal, you will leave our office with a cleaner and healthier smile.

Your gums are an important, often overlooked, part of your oral health. Periodontal disease has been proven to affect your overall health as well. Our dental team will evaluate your current periodontal health, remove any harmful plaque and tartar below the gum line, and provide you with a plan for long-term treatment if necessary.

What’s one way we can supplement your oral health and give your teeth extra cavity-fighting power? Fluoride. While there’s nothing stronger than your natural tooth enamel, fluoride treatments can help protect teeth in both children and adults.

Many people suffer from overnight teeth grinding and clenching, known as Bruxism. This condition not only affects the strength of your teeth and the integrity of your enamel, but it can lead to TMJ problems and chronic pain. Hunt & Hunt Dentistry offers custom-fitted mouthguards to combat Bruxism and restore your teeth’s integrity.

With our focus on offering effective preventive measures against future dental concerns, our office is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology to help in this effort. In addition to the digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays that give us high-quality imaging of what is occurring below the surface of your teeth and gums, we also use intra-oral cameras to capture surface-level pictures of your teeth and gums to assist the doctors in a closer inspection of your oral health. For any treatments that may require the removal of gum tissue, a soft-tissue laser provides a more accurate, less intrusive method of care. And finally, our Rocky Mount dental office is able to create 3D impressions of your teeth and gum structure using a 3 Shape Scanner. This device takes thousands of images at once, processes them internally, and then projects the 3D impression on our monitors for easy viewing.