What is the Sugar Content in Popular Food and Drinks?

added on: August 13, 2021

Do you know what the sugar content is in your favorite drinks and foods? Many people drink and eat more sugar than they realize, so it’s important to understand how much of the sweet stuff is in the foods and drinks you consume. Luckily, your dentist in Rocky Mount is here to provide a quick rundown of the sugar content in some of the most popular items to help you make informed decisions about your diet.

  • Soft Drinks

It should come as no surprise that soft drinks are at the top of the list. These bubbly drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth and overall oral health, especially if consumed regularly. Many popular sodas are packed with sugar, some 12-ounce cans can contain up to 46 grams of sugar, which is nearly double the recommended daily intake. However, sugar isn’t the only problem hiding in soft drinks. The phosphoric acid in sodas can destroy tooth enamel and make teeth more susceptible to decay and cavities. 

  • Fruit Juice

People often go with fruit juices because they see them as healthy, but according to your dentist in Rocky Mount, fruit juices are actually not great for your teeth, as they often contain astonishing amounts of sugar. For example, a 10-ounce bottle of orange juice contains about 35 grams of sugar, while bottled lemonade contains 36 grams. As with soda, the concerns don’t end there. Fruit juice can also be highly acidic. These acids can actually wear away tooth enamel and lead to sensitivity and tooth decay.

  • Condiments

Extra toppings like barbeque sauce, ketchup, and even some dressings may spice up a meal, but surprisingly, they can also contain a lot of sugar. Since it’s easy to overdo it on the condiments, make sure you’re only using a small amount as to not consume too much sugar unexpectedly. After all, ketchup can contain 4 grams of sugar in just a tablespoon while some barbeque sauces have 8 grams. When it comes to dressing, be wary of fat-free or low-fat options. They can contain more than 5 grams of sugar per tablespoon. 

  • Breakfast Cereals

Certain breakfast cereals can contain an alarming amount of sugars that can lead to cavities, especially if you eat them every morning. Some brands rack up to 15 grams of sugar per serving and can be over 50% sugar! While most of these cereals are aimed at children, adult cereals aren’t safe from sugar either. Make sure to read the nutritional label and find an option that’s high in fiber and doesn’t have added sugars. 

Some foods and drinks contain obviously high levels of sugar, like soda and candy. But there are even more that can be high in sugar and you don’t even know it. Make sure you know what you’re consuming so that you can keep your teeth and your body healthy. The American Heart Association along with your dentist in Rocky Mount recommends limiting added sugars to just 25 grams a day for women and 36 grams a day for men.